Maine’s Top Real Estate Company: Your Guide to Success

July 30, 2023
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1. Understand Your Needs

Your journey to buy or sell real estate starts with understanding your needs.

A Maine's real estate profession can be a valuable partner for you.

Determine What You Want from a Real Estate Company

You need to identify what exactly you want from a Maine home sale or purchase process.

This might involve selling your single-family home at top housing prices due to our red-hot housing market or buying that dream house in Southern Maine amidst busy real estate markets.

The Role of Real Estate Agents

In this state's housing market, where roughly ten real estate agents sell houses every day, it is crucial to have someone who understands the local nuances and trends on your side. 

Finding an Agent Who Knows The Local Market, Like Their Backyard

An experienced agent will provide comprehensive guidance through Central Maine's unique landscape and Greater Portland's competitive environment - something only Maine's best real estate businesses offer.

Selling? An Expert Realtor Can Help Boost Your Sale Price.

If you're looking into parting ways with your beloved family abode after years of memories made within its walls - no worries. Our expert team has got you covered.

2. Research Local Companies

The world of Maine's real estate businesses is vast and diverse.

So, you're ready to dive into the Maine real estate profession, huh? Well, buckle up.

First things first, you need to understand the local market, especially in Southern Maine.

But hold up, don't settle for just any company; you need one that gets you, your needs as a home seller or buyer.

Maine Real Estate: A Busy Market

Navigating the bustling housing market can be like locating a needle in an enormous pile of hay.

But fear not, my friend, because I've got a tip for you - check out A Team Realty.

They know their stuff when it comes to the real estate industry in Maine.

Finding The Right Fit For You

Now, listen up, this is important - do your research before making any decisions.

Don't just settle for the first agency you come across, explore your options.

And hey, don't forget about the part-time players too - they might surprise you.

There are roughly 10 real estate agents in Maine who work part-time, but they still know their stuff.

Your dream agency could be right around the corner, waiting for you to discover them.

3. Check Credentials

Your chosen real estate company should be more than just a name in Maine's bustling housing market.

A reputable agency, like A Team Realty or Vitalius Real Estate Group, will have the credentials to back up their work.

Their agents are licensed by the Maine Association of Realtors, ensuring they're fully trained and adhere to industry standards.

Maine's Real Estate Profession: More Than Just Selling Houses

Did you know that there are roughly 10 real estate agents for every single-family home on sale in Southern Maine?

This means competition is fierce among agencies vying for your business.

Credentials Matter In This Red-Hot Housing Market

In this red-hot housing market where prices continue to soar, choosing an agent with proven expertise can make all the difference between selling at asking price or securing a deal well above it.

Finding The Right Agent Is Key To Your Success
  • An experienced agent knows how busy real estate markets operate and understands local trends better than anyone else.
  • The median real estate agent salary reflects years spent mastering these skills - something you want working for you.

4. Ask for References

Requesting references from a potential real estate agency in Maine is an important step to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy.

A reputable agency should have no problem providing them.

The experiences of past customers are often indicative of what you can expect from your potential agent or broker.

You want to ensure that they've successfully helped others navigate Southern Maine's busy real estate markets before entrusting them with your own transaction.

  • "How did the agents communicate throughout the process?" This question will help gauge their communication skills - an essential trait in this industry.
  • "Did they understand local housing prices accurately?" A knowledgeable professional is crucial if navigating red-hot housing market scenarios like Greater Portland's.
  • "Were there any issues during transactions? If so, how were they handled?" The response could reveal much about their problem-solving abilities and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Last but not least, "Would you recommend this agent/company again?" Their answer here speaks volumes more than anything else might. So go ahead: start dialing those numbers.

It's time well spent on ensuring a smooth journey through Maine's exciting world of home buying or selling.

Remember - it all starts with picking the right partner among many Maine's real estate businesses.

And we're confident that by doing due diligence now, you'll find yourself partnering up with the best professionals in the field who truly get the intricacies involved within the state's unique property landscape.

Happy house-hunting (or selling).

5. Consider Fees & Services

The Maine real estate industry is bustling, and it's essential to consider the fees and services offered by different companies.

By taking into account the fees and services offered by different companies, you can ascertain which one provides the most value for your money.

Fees: A Key Aspect of Maine's Real Estate Businesses

In any busy real estate market like Southern Maine, understanding how much a service costs is crucial before signing on with an agency.

But hey, these companies don't just charge fees, they also provide many other valuable services that factor into their fee structure.

Average Realtor Fee in Central Maine

  • An average agent might charge between 5% - 6% commission rate per sale in central Maine.
  • Note though this can vary depending on factors such as property type (single-family home vs condo) or even location within the state's housing market.

Evaluating Services: More Than Just Selling Houses

In addition to selling homes, top-notch agencies offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process.

For instance, one of Maine's premier firms provides extensive support from initial consultation through closing day.

Other notable names include United Country Lifestyle Properties known for its personalized approach toward clients' needs, each offering unique advantages over others.


The key lies not just in finding someone who'll list your house at the lowest possible cost, but rather choosing an experienced professional capable of delivering results worth every penny spent.

So take time comparing various offerings around the Greater Portland area, keeping in mind what matters most - achieving the best return on investment while minimizing stress along the way.

FAQs in Relation to Real Estate Company Maine

Why is real estate in Maine so expensive?

Maine's real estate can be pricey due to high demand, limited supply, and desirable features like waterfront views or proximity to popular cities.

Why is real estate so cheap in Maine?

Some areas of Maine have affordable real estate because they are rural with lower population density and fewer amenities compared to urban areas.

Is Maine real estate slowing down?

The pace of the Maine property market may vary but generally remains steady due to consistent demand for homes and land in this scenic state.

What makes the best real estate company?

A top-notch real estate company offers excellent customer service, has extensive local knowledge, provides comprehensive services, maintains transparency about fees, and possesses strong credentials.


Having a dependable ally is vital for triumph in the real estate business.

That's where finding the right real estate company in Maine comes into play.

You've learned how to identify your needs and research local companies.

We've discussed checking credentials and asking for references.

And we haven't forgotten about considering fees and services either!

Though the task may appear overwhelming, rest assured that you have assistance in navigating Maine's dynamic real estate market from A Team Realty.

A Team Realty is here to guide you every step of the way through Maine's bustling property market.

Ready to make your dream of owning a home in Maine a reality? Don't navigate the complex real estate market alone. Trust the A Team, with over 25 years of experience and a commitment to personalized, attentive service. Whether you're buying or selling, we're here to ensure a smooth, stress-free process. Contact us today at (207) 894-8484 or email us at Let's turn your real estate dreams into reality together!